About Us

Our Story

Sometimes the best ideas come from inspiration and a lifelong dream.  That’s basically our story and the creation of Motor City Pops.  We’ve been very fortunate to have successful careers in real estate and accounting but at times we felt a void in our professional lives.  This became more apparent as our children grew into adults and we faced becoming ‘empty nesters’.  We really wanted to create a company that was bigger than ourselves.  Something that involved connecting with our community and providing a product that would put smiles on our customers’ faces.  But what should that product be?

Then one afternoon as we were walking around Louisville, Kentucky we came across a gathering of smiling faces sitting outside a store, laughing and enjoying the beautiful weather.  As we drew closer we realized that these smiling faces were enjoying gourmet popsicles.  That’s when it hit us, and the idea for Motor City Pops came alive.

We are very health conscience so it was a priority for us to serve a gourmet pop that not only wowed the senses but was also healthy.  Our pops are handcrafted and all natural, using the freshest, locally sourced produce we can find.   We feature an ever-growing list of traditional and new fun flavors.  You can find Motor City Pops  opening soon in Beaufort, South Carolina at 907 Boundary Street. We’re even available for catering if you have a special event where you want to treat your guests to something special and unique.